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Friday, January 05, 2007

questions questions questions

Okay well really only two questions....

We got another picture in the cute outfit! So should we go with this outfit or the little polka dotted sweater and jeans for our "valentines" pictures? (Leave a comment with your opinion!)

Tomorrow we are planning to go get our kswiss tennis shoes in a bigger size so they last longer and if we feel up to it maybe go to Babies R Us to look at car seats. Based on information from another website (forum) with car seat technictions they all say it is okay to stick with the infant seat because they don't trust Consumer Reports so we will get a new car seat in the next month or so to feel safer but will keep our current car seat as a back up I think. We'll continue to watch the news/websites and see if any new information comes out though. The good news is that this seat will last until she is 49'' or 65 lbs which would be at about 6 years old when she could be moved into a booster seat. So therefore this seat doesn't have to work for a boy incase of future children since she will either still be using it or it will be out of the 5/6 year range they say the car seats are good for. (They say after 6 years of use the plastic isn't as sturdy and therefore not as safe anymore.)

Until then I'm taking an informal poll... which fabric pattern do you like the yellow or the green? (Vote by telling us your preference in the comment section directly under this post - it should be an orange link) I was leaning towards the green to begin with because it looks like a pretty green but after looking at them more I am going towards the yellow. I'll let you know more after I see them in person.

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

I like the yellow one the best.