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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

trying to crawl

Abby has really been trying to get up on all fours lately. It doesn't last long and she doesn't fully get up but it doesn't look like crawling is that far away if she continues to go at the rate she's been going. She went from rolling over back to belly to getting up on all fours in two weeks. So any bets on when she'll crawl?

Oh and for the grandmas at what age did Beau and I crawl? What about teeth? And favorite foods?

We made carrots and pears today. I had been snacking on the carrots and pears and only had enough to make one feeding of carrots and three of pears but its a start on more new foods. I also got her some sippy cups with straws and they are working better. Her shirt doesn't get as soaked and she can get more liquid since she doesn't have to tip it. I am also going to get her a mesh feeder so she can gum some peas/pears/apples/melon/sweet potato ice cudes ect. This will probably come in helpful when she actually starts teething!

I'm debating on the whole high chair thing right now. My only requirement is that the fabric is plastic! There are ones that attach to a chair or that stand alone... too many to choose from!


Anonymous said...

Hey, when did Abby get in such a hurry to grow up?
Katie, you started crawling at 6 months. I wrote in your baby book that you had been lunging forward and creeping since 5 months, so it took about a month of practice before you really got going on all fours. I remember that you would get on your hands and knees and just rock back and forth before collapsing.
You first tooth came in at 6 1/2 months old.
You ate cereal for the first time at 4 months. I didn't write down any foods that you especially liked as baby food. I have notes that you like grapes, peas, chicken and cheerios, but I'm guessing that is stuff we gave you when you were a bit older as finger foods. Other notes that I have about food are that you will wait patiently when Daddy is gettin some ice cream for y'all when you are about 15 months old and then that you love pizza - about age 2.

Anonymous said...

Katie, I sent you and e-mail on your Philippine account that you might think is interesting.
Love you Mom

Anonymous said...

Beau did not care for carrots. Although he did enjoy spewing them all over me. Note to self: don't try to force a baby to eat something he doesn't like.


Anonymous said...

Amen to that Woodrow. Katie can attest to the fact that her brother doesn't like applesauce and should never be "encouraged strongly" to eat that.

Pops and GG said...

Amen to that Woodrow. Katie can attest to the fact that her brother doesn't like applesauce and should never be "encouraged strongly" to eat that.