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Thursday, January 04, 2007

tiring day

Abby got woken up from her nap (after fighting it for 30 minutes) to get examined by the doc and was grumpy when we got home so now she is asleep on my lap. There goes our normal bed time I guess since she is taking such a late nap. She has "woken" up (with her eyes still closed) twice crying wanting her milk so I don't dare try and wake her up to stay on a normal schedule. I feel so sorry for her being sick and all!

This isn't the greatest picture but the outfit was so cute - I put the long sleeve onesie on because it was a little chilly with the rain but the diaper didn't hold so we had to change. We'll try again because the outfit is super cute. We'll have to send a picture to Aunt Amanda and thank her!

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