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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

sippy cup

The sickness must really be going around... the doctor's office is busy but we have an appt for Thursday. They felt like it was just a cold after hearing her symptoms and since the fever is coming and going and staying under 100 for the most part. She's been a sleepy head today though. Now Beau and I both have sore throats... yuck!

We got some sippy cup practice in between naps though! She loved playing with it and tried to put it in her mouth but kept dropping it. She loved it even more once I thawed out some milk to put in it and even drank some once I helped her.

I also found another idea if the sippy cup doesn't work.... ready for it? POPSICLES! Or homemade yogurt. I think I'll try the popsicles first though, easier and would probably be good for any teeth coming in.

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