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Thursday, January 04, 2007

ear infection and car seat

The little bit is now 16 pounds! wow!!! We went to the doctor today and after an hour in the office waiting (they were busy!) we found out she has an ear infection. It doesn't seem to be bugging her much since she hasn't tugged at her ear or been grumpy about it. The coughing upsets her more since it wakes her up. We got some medicine to take and hopefully will be over it in no time!

I also found out today that in new tests done by consumer reports that her car seat which was one of the highest ranked seats last year failed every test. Yikes! Looks like we'll be shopping for a new seat soon so that she can be safe in the car. I thought I had done some really smart shopping since I researched the safest seats and weights and everything. We thought we were being smart and that the seat would last her until she reached 30 pounds instead of just 20 like the other infant seats. Guess that didn't work the way we planned. This is a picture of the car seat we wanted to get her for her birthday but may be getting her soon! It's the top rated convertible seat on the market. There are several fabric options to consider though. This seat would keep her safe in a five point harness until she reached 65 pounds which is what they recommend now.
Fabric options: http://http://www.britaxusa.net/products/fabric_marathon.aspx
Consumer reports article: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/babies-kids/child-car-booster-seats/car-seats-2-07/overview/0207_seats_ov.htm
NBC report: http://video.msn.com/v/us/msnbc.htm?f=00&g=383ee3e7-87e0-4fe8-8f2d-4d9109640bff&p=Source_Nightly%20News&t=c24&rf=http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3096434/&fg

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