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Friday, January 19, 2007


We went to TJ's for dinner with Mimi and Pappy and she went crazy when the food got to our table... her toys were no longer entertaining enough so she chewed on mommy's finger while I ate. She really wanted to eat too! Maybe because she was being a big girl and sitting in a high chair. I put a blanket behind her to keep her more supported but she was able to sit in it while I ate. So we came home and after waking up for our car seat nap.... We tried bananas..... and she LOVED them. There are her favorite so far! She kept opening her mouth like a little birdie. It was so cute! I had some ripe bananas so she got them fresh but now we have a whole thing of ice cubes of them in the freezer and three "to-go" containers. Still just as messy though. Sorry I don't have any pictures since I can't feed her and take pictures at the same time (and eat kumquats - which were very yummy!).

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