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Saturday, December 30, 2006


We must really be working on some teeth around here. We had a semi-rough night last night. No fussing just my little girl who has been waking up just once a night woke up about every 2 hours (just an estimate seeing as I didn't really look at a clock.) She only woke up and fussed one time when I didn't get her milk to her fast enough all the rest of the times I learned my lesson and gave it to her when she started rolling around. She was coughing a whole lot too... so much so that this morning she started coughing so much that she spit up all over our bed and her face. (Not a good way to wake up!)
But I did manage to get this funny picture of her because despite the restless night she woke up in a good mood. (She was trying to do a crunch to get to the camera resulting in the funy looking picture)

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