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Sunday, December 31, 2006

happy new years

Well today was interesting. The little bit ran her first fever. So not fun for me but she handled it well not really showing any signs of it bugging her. It hasn't gotten too high so far but we'll be watching it over the night making sure it doesn't spike.

She had a fun evening playing with her daddy before bath time! We hope everyone has a happy new years! We plan to spend it in bed watching the ball drop then going to sleep! Beau has to be at work at 6 yikes!

oh no!

This morning we woke up to crying. Abby wasn't ready to wake up and really really wanted her milk to go back to sleep. After about ten minutes of fussing we were able to go back to sleep which she must have really needed since she woke up in a much better mood. However she has a runny nose and a slight fever. I'm still thinking teeth at this point but if her fever gets any higher or she shows other signs of being sick we'll be making a doctor's appt. After about an hour of playtime she was fussy (and looking sleepy already) so she had some milk and went to sleep but after only being asleep for a couple minutes she started coughing and spit up all over both of us! So I went to take a shower (since I hadn't yet) and she wasn't too happy about not being able to see me and I figured that a shower would help unclog her nose (and clean her off) so she took a shower this morning! She really seemed to enjoy it! Although I think she enjoyed trying to eat the towel afterwards more. Honey had to come and investigate what was going on after it was all over. I guess she felt left out.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

whole foods

We went out with Courtney and went to Target and Whole Foods this evening. Abby was such a good girl and took a couple naps while we shopped while she was in her carrier! We got some sweet potatoes, advocados and bananas for Abby's first baby foods. I'm gonna try to be really talented and make it on my own instead of buying a whole lot of jars.

We put her in the cart for a minute while strapping on the mei tai but she looked so cute we had to snap a couple pictures!


We must really be working on some teeth around here. We had a semi-rough night last night. No fussing just my little girl who has been waking up just once a night woke up about every 2 hours (just an estimate seeing as I didn't really look at a clock.) She only woke up and fussed one time when I didn't get her milk to her fast enough all the rest of the times I learned my lesson and gave it to her when she started rolling around. She was coughing a whole lot too... so much so that this morning she started coughing so much that she spit up all over our bed and her face. (Not a good way to wake up!)
But I did manage to get this funny picture of her because despite the restless night she woke up in a good mood. (She was trying to do a crunch to get to the camera resulting in the funy looking picture)

Friday, December 29, 2006

lazy day

Today we spent the day mostly at home trying to get back on a normal schedule since all the holidays have thrown our naps totally off. We did get out and bring an energy drink to daddy though since he has been hard at work all day. While it's nice to have a day to take all our naps and catch up on laundry we miss having our loving family around to hang out with!

day off

Today was Beau's day off so we all slept in this morning! After getting up we got to work taking down all the Christmas decorations so now Abby has her "toy corner" back. However it used to be occupied by the swing but now it is the new home of her exercauser. Daddy also was really sweet and put the Sirius in the car for mommy and me until he gets his truck fixed! Now Abby is asking to borrow the keys!

Thursday, December 28, 2006


We want to thank everyone for a great first Christmas! We really enjoyed spending time with with all our amazingly wonderful family! We loved all our presents and want to say thank you again! Ya'll are all welcome to come back and visit at any time... we love having family in town.

Beau loves his new x-box and wireless controller! It's pretty fun to all the sudden hear him talking to someone with no phone or anything! He played an Ole Miss football player and was winning until something got disconnected and ended the game.

Abby is excited about her toy too! She loves when it starts to make music oh and when she can get a part of it in her mouth! She's definatly a silly girl.