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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Insta-lately catch-up

This summer I've obviously been blogging less while trying to stay off the computer while the kids are awake and entertaining them leaves us exhausted at the end of the day! So much of our has been documented on instgram instead of on the blog. Which leaves me a little sad because most of our past 7 year have been documented on here! So little catch up and moving some instagram 'mini-blogs' over here to the actual blog. 
no sugar bugs at the dentist / Astros vs. Rangers baseball game / made it all the way to the fireworks after the game  

last trip to Aquatica for the summer / Lexie's 4 day fever made for a lazy week / iPad 'to the rescue' entertaining toddlers during a Bibleland team leader meeting 

flat tire meant no Bible class that evening and 2 1/2 hour wait made me grateful for a theater next door with perfect time to finally see How to Train Your Dragon 2 / rewarded with a beautiful sunrise when we had to get up before dawn for Abby's gymnastics meet / exhausted Lexie after not wanting to nap after our first day back to Tuesday morning Bible class 

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

First days of school 2014

*cough* *cough* Pardon me while I attempt to dust off this little blog here….. Man three kids and plus pups, summer and getting into a school routine sure did kick my rear end… or at least put the blog on the back burner. 

Oh man is it really the beginning of week three of this school year? Wow the past two weeks flew by! 

Abby started 3rd grade this year. She is thrilled her best friend from across the street is in her class along with another friend who also lives nearby. Let's just hope that doesn't get her into trouble - as Abby likes to chat ;) So far so good though. 
3rd grade means she's an 'intermediate' student according to the 3rd grade teachers. (I think that's how they put it at least) Which so far to me, only means the teachers are communicating less. Not sure how I feel about that. 3rd grade and up have planners that they write in at the end of the day regarding what they did that day to keep us informed and so the newsletters are less informative.  I'm a little wary but giving it time to see how this goes… 

Micah is returning to preschool instead of kinder this year. We just felt he'd really benefit from that extra year without all the kinder pressure. (Despite what Abby's school thought when they called the first day asking where Micah was since the papers the speech teacher had me fill out registered him for kinder even though I told her that he wasn't going to go this year) 
Micah was beyond ready for school to start though as he had to wait a week and 1/2 later than Abby started and he would ask every morning if he was going to school too. Mostly though that was in regards to what he could wear since I separated out his school clothes from play clothes. He is in the 5s Zany Zebra class and I know it's going to be a good year for him. 

And Lexie? She gets one more year at home with me then she'll go to preschool where Micah is know because she's ready and if I put her in the 3s class instead of waiting for the 4s I won't have to camp out for her spot since Micah is currently there. :) 

She does however go to Bible class with me every Tuesday morning so that will be her "first day" photo. Oh my goodness I think she has grown the most in the past year. Or maybe it's the lack of a sweet smocked dress? Now she really looks like a big girl here and not my tiny baby anymore. Cue sad mama tears! 

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Abby's first gymnastics meet

Way back when Abby was 4 she played one summer of soccer. She had fun but it was hot, she got bored… pretty typical for a 4 year old. We took a break until kinder year and then we enrolled her in a rec gymnastics class. Well a year and 1/2 later she was invited to try out and join the team when she takes gymnastics. So for the last several months she's been loving learning new skills that she didn't do in the rec classes and routines for the different skills. I never thought I'd be diving into the world of gymnastics. I always envisioned having the girls do ballet like I had but Abby just didn't seem to enjoy it as much because she'd rather be bouncing around when we did the Ballet Gloria up at our Church. 

This past weekend we finally got a chance to see all that Abby's been working on with her very first gymnastics meet. It was an early morning (and a long day with my other obligations!) and we arrived at the meet a little after 8am. Warm-ups started at 9. She looked all grown up and not a baby any more in her team gear and her hair all pulled back. (Thanks for another mom her braid looked much better than when I usually do it for mock meets!) 
 Her squad was first on bars and I was so proud of Abby - she did fantastic!

 Then beam - not her strongest event but she still did great!
 And vault.
 Everyone got a goodie bag and medal in addition to their achievement ribbons based on their scores.
 Abby was so excited a couple of the senior girls whom Abby LOVES came to watch them.
 And now to do it all again this weekend for meet #2.

I'm so happy Abby has found something she really enjoys doing and such a supportive team. It seems like the girls all enjoy each others company and especially how the big girls seem to look after the littles.

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Thursday, August 07, 2014

I'm loving it

So today I asked Micah what his favorite part of the beach vacation was….. his response? "McDonalds"  yes his answer was the stop at McDonalds for lunch on the drive over…. because he got a toy. Happy Meal #4 of his life obviously ranked very highly in his mind. 

However despite the fact that McD ranks higher in Micah's mind that we are having a terrific time at the beach!  Today we spent some time boogie boarding when we had a few more waves. 

And Lexie became a fan of bobbing or jumping the waves with Gigi and Pops. 

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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Sand crab catching

Most of our beach vacation consists of building sand castles, bobbing in the water and just enjoying the beach. We don't usually go out and do the other 'touristy' things around to do because we'd rather enjoy the beach.  Ya'll should all know by know that my kids love catching little critters - at Gigi's house this summer it was frogs. At the beach - it's tiny sand crabs. 

After dinner and the sun started to set we headed out to the beach. 
 Flash lights are extremely helpful for this adventure - but the flashlights on the iPhones also work well - just don't drop it in the water!
 Once it's dark the little tiny crabs start to come out and crawl on the beach. If you are quick you can scoop them right up. Some folks bring buckets and catch a bunch but we just really wanted to see them.
 Abby was quickly a pro at scooping up the sand to catch the little crab in her hand.
 They were tiny little things - this little guy was hardly bigger than the tip of Abby's finger.
 We caught and let go quite a few different little crabs on our walk around the beach.
If you bring a bucket you'll also need a net of some sort for a lid because they can crawl out, but you can just hold them carefully in your hands. Though you have to close your hand quickly and don't leave too big a hole because they'll crawl or fall right out!

What are your favorite things to do on the beach? If you go to the beach, do you stay and just hit the beach or do you venture out and do other things as well? 

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Monday, August 04, 2014

Beach week!

Sand in our toes, a nice salty beach air blowing in our hair. I've missed this place as we skipped last year! We arrived at the beach on Saturday and have been enjoying the sand and the waves ever since. Who needs any of the other places to see in Destin when you have the beach practically out the front door? 

Day one was a little cool in the morning with cloud cover but that didn't stop Abby and Micah from playing in the water. Lexie was content as could be to dig in the sand until it warmed up. 
The water here is absolutely beautiful! In previous years there has been a sandbar further out into the water that you had to swim out to get to, this year it's in nice and close so Micah and Lexie have lots of room to play before the water is too deep. 
A favorite activity is of course castle building - or in Abby's case hermit-crab home building. The soft white sand is of course perfect for this. Between the clear water and the super soft sand - it's the reason we drive so far to the beach instead of hitting a beach closer to home. 
 (Is Coppertone looking for a new model? I think Micah would excel at that gig!) 
 Sandy baby toes - so sweet. Lexie was tentative at first but today she really love the sand and the water.
So far the water has been super calm as well - great for playing, floating and splashing around in. Especially for Lexie who isn't as comfortable getting her face splashed. 

Abby worked so hard at building her hermit crab home that she didn't even notice the sand on her nose. 

And what better what to protect sweet baby cheeks than a bonnet? And check out those sweet beach curls! 
 Lexie of course loves the beach snacks as well ;)
Happy Monday ya'll. I hope your week started off as well as ours. We'll be here enjoying the sand, surf and time with Gigi and Pops. :) 

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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Abby turns 8

Wait hold up… no way is my first baby just turned 8. I tried to tell her she couldn't get any older but she wouldn't believe me. As the littles and I are heading off to the beach (yes!!!) we celebrated Abby's birthday as a family a couple days early since Beau has work obligations and won't be joining us.

Per our tradition Abby picked what she wanted us to have for dinner - her choice: spaghetti and meatballs. Then we celebrated with a cake of her choosing. She wanted a cookie cake - but not just one cookie cake - one for at home and one to bring to celebrate with her team at gymnastics practice tomorrow. After dinner, we sang happy birthday to Abby and she blew out her candles. 

(Please ignore the clutter on the counters - as we are heading out I try to leave 'man food' with easy access so there is no question about what easy meal options there are - overboard? Maybe but it makes it simple for him as he would rather not have to search for what is easy to cook when we are away even though he probably does cook more meals when he is home in time to cook) 

And of course there were presents. I think from the look on her face that she was maybe a little bit excited about this present. (Daddy was too by the way!) 
 She received her first Pokemon DS game for her gameboy. Oh boy…. I really don't get where the fascination came from and it came on quickly but man they love Pokemon lately.

Then we headed out for our evening walk with Diesel and of course the kids immediately asked (as is their usual habit) to get their scooters. Waiting in the garage was Abby's last present…. a new electric scooter.  
Oh man she was thrilled! (And super silly about it!) 
It almost goes with out saying that our evening walk went a little faster! Micah did amazing at keeping up with her for not having a motor on his scooter! I'm thinking from the looks on her face that she had a great birthday. I still can't believe she is already  8. 

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